Le Bessole

Corvina Veronese

Corvina grape is the key constituent in the production of the main wines of Valpolicella. This wine perfectly reflects the elegant taste of this grape and the purity of its vinification. It matches wonderfully with hunting, grilled meat, roasts and aged cheeses such as Monte Veronese.

Where it's produced
The hills of Moron, located at 400 mt of altitude in the heart of Valpolicella, on the border between San Pietro in Cariano and Negrar (Verona, Italy)

Vine-training system
Veronese pergola.

Grape varieties
100% Corvina.

How it's made
An accurate selection of the best bunches in the vineyard, together with the use of autochthonous grapes, gives a good structure and tannicity to the wine and helps it get a better result from the aging process in oak barrels. The grapes are left in the drying shed for a short maceration of 30 days, and, after a soft pressing, a slow fermentation in stainless steel vats takes place. After that, the wine is aged for 30 more days in French oak barrels, and is put in steel tanks until the bottling phase.

30 days in second passage French oak barrels.

Very intense ruby red, almost impenetrable.

The complex and enveloping bouquet presents a range of balanced aromas, which recall notes of blackberry, sour cherry, ripe cherry and spicy notes of incense, white pepper and cocoa. The aging in second passage barrels gives the wine some toasted notes of cocoa and vanilla that balance its aroma.

This is a wine of great structure. Intense and persistent, full and balanced at every sip. It envelops your palate, giving elegance and pleasantness.

Serving temperature

Glass type
Grand balloon


Store in a cool place away from direct light, preferably with the bottle lying on its side.

Technical data
· Alcohol content: 14.5% vol.
· Total acidity: 5.2g/l
· Residual sugar: 3.0g/l
· Dry extract: 28g/l



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