The land

Such a strong link with the environment certainly leads to awareness: this is why Accordini family has always had special consideration for environmental policies. 
All work is aimed at perfecting the grapevine farming and is carried out respecting the land morphology. The drip irrigation system and the artesian wells that are in the vineyards make it possible to optimize water consumption, guaranteeing top results without waste. 

Safeguard of the precious Valpolicella environment is rigorously attested by certifications of use of environmental-friendly phytosanitary products and modern equipment that minimize grapevines stress. 

The care of land

The heart of our winery beats in the same three hectares of vineyards acquired at the beginning of the 1800s. A passion that has arisen and grown surrounded by family tradition, nurtured by love for a small piece of land and good wine. During the last two centuries, we have seen our vineyards keeping growing and our family with them, in a story that still has a lot to tell.

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