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Aromas, colours, sensations

Aromas, colours, sensations: a glass of wine involves all our senses, but above all taste. The human sensation of taste includes five established basic tastes: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami.

The blending of these tastes generates a wide range of combinations. When we taste something, when we savour it in the common sense of the word, no matter whether food or drink, our sense of taste becomes involved.
Our senses of smell and touch also join in, however, with the aroma and texture of what we are tasting. The enjoyment of our favourite wine is therefore formed of a combination of various elements: after the first impact with the flavour (sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness or umami), our sense of smell steps in, adding sensorial information with aromas (grass, citrus fruits, red fruit, to mention but a few). 

Smell is quickly followed by touch, with sensations such as astringency, the temperature, spiciness, freshness (mentholated hints), and in general the consistency and the texture. As we all know, however, a glass of wine is approached firstly by sight: the pleasure of the intense colour of red wine, the brightness of white wine or the liveliness of the perlage

Next comes smell, as the wine aromas are released into the air, and then taste, with its multisensorial complexity. Last but not least we have sound, which can be quickly satisfied by pleasant company, friendly chats, or even (and why not?) silent relaxation. 

Consequently, all five senses are satisfied by a single glass of wine.



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