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Accordini, the art of making Amarone wine

The idea behind the painting of Amaranta De Francisci is to represent wine as if it were a piece of art. She aims to reproduce its essence, its flavours and aromas through the composition of her artwork. Her painting has been filmed during the shooting of Accordini’s video “Art of Wine”. 

The contamination of perception trough different senses, which creates synaesthesia, transforms the tasting of a complex wine such as Amarone into a multi-sensory experience: it involves visual, olfactory and taste senses.

The garnet red background embodies the structure within which the notes of fruits and blackberry in alcohol develop. These are represented by red and purple brush strokes in the bottom right corner of the canvas. The smell of liquorice is portrayed by the water coloured black line that stands out in the painting. 

The harmony and the softness are expressed with the use of the technique of collage that is crossed by a sinuous line that vertically splits the canvas. The centre of light in the middle of the paining also enhances these two characteristics. 

Finally, the heart, that represents the true cornerstone of such an experience, is engraved within the colour and it is the symbol of both persistence and passion for the love of art.



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