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Accordini Igino: an excellent vintage.

Harvest time has come and all Valpolicella area is bubbling with activity: grape gathering began few days ago and it is not unusual to see trailers full of grapes along streets, driving to their wineries.

This year is even more special than ever thanks to the exeptional quality of the grapes. Vintage 2016 is going to have very high quality, thanks to good weather that have been on all Valpolicella area.

“The grapes have high levels of sugars and good level of acidity”, tells Guido Accordini, owner and oenologist of Accordini Igino Winery. “This year weather has been perfect: no excessive heat, temperature always below 35°C and the sun always shined on the grapes during July and August”.

Perfect condiction thus, even thanks to a dry and mild winter, after which a rainy period, that lasted until mid-June, has allowed natural underground water resources to refill plenty.

Very positive circumstances for whole Valpolicella D.O.P. area, thanks to which this year Accordini Igino’s grapes have great quality: loose-packed bunches, perfect to raisining, KMW higher than 16,60 and particularly abundant in anthocyans.  Only best bunches will become wines as Amarone and Recioto.

Furthermore, this year the “Consorzio della Valpolicella”, the consortium that gathers all the wineries and strictly rules harvest and wine-making in Valpolicella, has reduced the maximum amount of suitable grapes for production of Amarone and Recioto to only the 40% of the total amount of DOCG-certified grapes.

Purpose of this reduction is to avoid the oversaturation of the most noble wines of Valpolicella and to mantain, at the same time, highest quality standards. Suffice it to say that regulations provide for tighteded supervisions by Siquria inspectors (Italian company for food quality and traceability) and NAS Corps, in order to guarantee only best production conditions. Only the grapes that comply with strict, provided and authorized requisites can be used to produce Amarone and Recioto wines.

“Thanks to these premises, we are expecting a vintage that would be as good as last year, or even better”, says Guido Accordini,”Weather has been optimal and the harvest, that has began on 15th September, is giving us great outcomes. We foresee to end harvesting within mid-October, after which the grapes addressed to raisining will rest for a minimum of 5 months and, at the end, we will proceed with vinification.”

Cantina Accordini Igino 
produttori di vino in Valpolicella dal 1821 
Viale Alberto Bolla, 7, Pedemonte VR - Italia 
Accordini Igino: Heart of wine.



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