A special label for a unique Amarone

At this edition of Vinitaly 2017, during which we had the pleasure of hosting importers, journalists and sector professionals at our stand, we revealed a surprise that we had kept especially for Tuesday, 11th April, the day dedicated to the press. 

It was the perfect occasion for showing journalists what is actually done in a winery, for presenting the new vintages and goals that enthusiasm and hard work lead to, and for celebrating a special wine with a unique label. 

18 is an important age, and this year it was the turn of Amarone Riserva ’99 to become an adult. We therefore wanted to create a label that could do justice to an important wine like this. Only the best selected grapes, after being dried for at least 150 days, pressed, fermented and then aged for no less than 5 years, can become Amarone, and only excellent vintages can be given the title of Riserva. 

To celebrate a wine that is almost twenty, we asked a designer to re-interpret its sensorial notes, structural complexity, aromas and flavours. The result is a modern design, enriched by a special process of layers that made it possible to create a game of reflections through the use of different gold leafs.

The label, made of natural paper, is the result of different separated and overlaid processes that recall the well-structured preparation of Amarone: a first screen print with a granite base colour and impressed opaque gold with a velvety effect is followed by a second heated passage for a layer of shiny gold leaf. Finally, an additional layer of opaque gold leaf, of a different quality from the first, is laid over the shiny gold. 

The final touch: the numbers of each one of the 50 examples of this exclusive bottle are written by hand. 

The result? A modern label, full of personality, important, that catches the eye and invites you to discover a wine of excellence.



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